Tara + Kris - Los Angeles, California

A couple month ago Kathryn was asked, “so you guys have a lot of bridezillas?” Her response was: “Carly Rae Weddings doesn’t attract bridezillas.” This gallery is actual proof that she’s right. I feel so bad ass around Tara and Kris. Maybe it’s my ego shining through...maybe I shouldn’t feel so cool, but I do. They are equal parts bad ass and NICE. They make anyone feel welcome into their circle and that’s what makes me feel cool. Their coolness isn’t exclusive to anyone, it’s just who they are. How many times can I say, cool in this post? This isn’t a contest, Carly. Be cool

On to the wedding details. A couple things that stick out to me is they had THE BEST PLAYLIST I’ve heard at a wedding, Kris and I had the same sunnies (short hand for “sunglasses” in California), and we all rocked the leather jackets the whole day. There’s more pictures where these came from and because I’m a musician (bet you didn’t know this…) I dug through my archives to find some of their songs. See below. Rock on.

Midnight City - M83

Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) - Yuna

Love Song - 311

Vendors: Coordinator: Carly Rae Weddings // Photographer: Lauren Scotti // Videographer: Shutter and Sound Films // Floral: The Little Branch // Catering: Huntington Caterer // Photo Booth: Sol Shine Photo // Valet: Jeffery Valet // DJ: Dart Collective