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Dina + Jeff - Paso Robles, California

Dina came referred by a colleague. Her and Jeff had recently purchased this property to turn into a venue. They had no previous experience in working in the industry so guess what? That’s where we came into play.

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Ellen + Adam - Los Angeles, California

Ellen and Adam are just COOL people. Adam, a musician and Ellen, a graphic designer were such a chill couple. We had a wonderful time planning together and each turn of the event had just cool vibez. Low key, thoughtful touches on the tables, Sriracha bottles as favors with a lil’ custom graphic

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Erica + Mike - Long Beach, California

When I think about Erica and Mike’s wedding the first word that comes to mind is: FUN. I had a pleasure of working with them while they were living in Washington DC and with demanding jobs, they would fly out to California a couple of times and we would do a marathon of meetings to finalize the planning.

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