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Tara + Kris - Los Angeles, California

A couple month ago Kathryn was asked, “so you guys have a lot of bridezillas?” Her response was: “Carly Rae Weddings doesn’t attract bridezillas.” This gallery is actual proof that she’s right. I feel so bad ass around Tara and Kris. Maybe it’s my ego shining through...maybe I shouldn’t feel so cool, but I do.

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Mia + Pierce - San Diego, California

Here is a case study where our team just did the design for this wedding. Leo Carrillo had an on site coordinator but Mia + Pierce live in Boston and needed some feet on the ground here in California. Kat got to work designing this event with rentals and incorporating the graphics that Pierce designed.

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Monica + Anthony - Los Angeles, California

I think back to the first time I worked with Lauren Scotti and I believe this event was it. Lauren is the most chill photographer out there. Her work is unmatched and has a killer eye for styling. Often times when I have spent loads of energy to produce an event, I hope that the day of the photographer can be able to shoot the details in the way they deserve.

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