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Lake Crescent Lodge Inspiration - Port Angeles, Washington

I’m one that truly loves most things. I don’t have a “favorite” anything because I love adventuring to new locations, restaurants, and styles but Lake Crescent Lodge will always be the exceptions to my normal. This location is 20 minutes from where I grew up and it remains THE most gorgeous location on planet earth to me. It’s a place that I go to think, float on floaties and drink Pepsi and chow down on Doritos in the summertime, hike around the lake and jump off the bridge into freezing water, and so on.

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Set Design For Hotel Nikko Commercial - San Francisco, California

I had the honor of being the head of the design team for Mane Co. Marketing Agency in November for their commercial for Hotel Nikko San Francisco. A gorgeous opportunity to collaborate in a different way that normal. I love being on set creating! See below for final work. - CRW

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Jenny + Ryan - San Diego, California

This wedding was so peaceful and the quintessential backyard wedding. Jenny’s family friend gifted her gorgeous San Diego property/house to have the event at and the property was perfect! When dealing with a venue that isn’t a venue normally, there are some factors that we have to determine logistical sense before we commit to selecting the venue.

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