Leslie + Xuan - Los Angeles, California

Let me set the stage. Leslie, a military vet (yes you read that correctly) / New Yorker meets Xuan, a born and bred Los Angeles man at a party and the rest is history. When I was on a trip to New York in 2017, I met Leslie for brunch. We immediately hit it off and by hitting it off, I mean she knew more personal things about myself than I share with clients but I felt safe. That’s Leslie. She’s a kind hearted, wants whats good for the world and for others. You want her in your life.

Since they were living in New York and our team was in Los Angeles, we met by phone every Tuesday morning for 11 months. That meeting on Tuesday felt more like a spiritual cadence for all of us involved. At the wedding, Leslie gave a speech that even mentioned missing our meetings already. I couldn’t agree more.

Cut to the wedding day details: Guests were welcomed with a fresh coconut and the ceremony began. We hung 100 candles from custom shelves to create the most amazing glow in the space for dinner. It was a great way to bring in light without it feeling over powering. This day had so much love and I wanted be better at loving after this event. This event had my heart and soul in it and I love that I have friends in Leslie + Xuan even after their day. - CRW

Vendors: Venue: Millwick // Planning + Design: Carly Rae Weddings // Florals: Primary Petals // Valet: White Label Valet // Rentals: Signature Party // Photographer: Katie Hoss + Videography: Our Westward Hearts // Cater: Olive Wood Pizza // Welcome Drinks: Coconut Man L.A. // Bartending: Liquid Catering // Desserts: Sweet & Saucy Shop + Milk Jar Cookies // DJ: Justin Entertainment // Valet: White Label Valet // Event Staffing: Argyle Events